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New Skills Bootcamps offer free courses to help people fast-track into jobs

05 Jun 2023

Greater Manchester residents looking to retrain or upskill can access free training opportunities to boost their careers as a raft of new Skills Bootcamps courses roll out across the city-region.

The Skills Bootcamps initiative aims to support residents progress in their careers by providing them with access to in-demand skills training and fast-track to interviews for higher-skilled, quality jobs.

The programme significantly benefits employers by assisting them in filling specific skills shortages and vacancies, thereby increasing productivity within their organisations.

The latest wave of Skills Bootcamps covers a wide range of sectors including construction and green, digital, manufacturing and engineering, hospitality, logistics, education and health and social care.

Skills Bootcamps deliver high-quality training that equips participants with sought-after skills aligned with the rapidly evolving job market.

Learners from the last wave of Skills Bootcamps have been sharing their experiences and are encouraging others to consider applying to boost their skills and employment prospects.

Georgia Goddard was finding it difficult to find a new role after being made redundant, despite having five years of experience in Marketing and Graphic Design. Completing the Skills Bootcamp in Content Creation and Branding gave her the confidence and skills she needed, and she is now looking forward to starting a new role where she can use these new skills.

Reflecting on her journey, Georgia said: "The course helped me land a job before it had even fully concluded - a role in which I’ll be earning more than I had previously thought I could, and in which I will be applying all the skills I discovered through the course, informed by my previous experience in a similar role. I’m very glad I found the Growth Company and the Skills Bootcamp. I absolutely would recommend it and have done so already!"

The Growth Company will deliver the following Skills Bootcamps:

Construction and Green Technology

Digital and Marketing


Councillor Eamonn O’Brien, Greater Manchester’s lead for Technical Education and Skills said: “The latest wave of Skills Bootcamps underscores our commitment to equipping residents with the skills they need to thrive in today’s dynamic job market.

“We believe that by providing accessible training opportunities and empowering individuals to excel in their careers, we can drive economic growth, reduce inequalities, and create a prosperous future for all residents of Greater Manchester.”

Joanne Roney OBE, Greater Manchester's Chief Executive lead for Technical Education and Skills, Chief Executive at Manchester City Council, said: “Together, we are creating a talent pool in Greater Manchester where businesses and individuals can thrive. We are committed to provide residents with retraining and upskilling opportunities to enhance their careers, contributing to the continued prosperity of Greater Manchester."

Residents are encouraged to explore the diverse range of Skills Bootcamps available and take advantage of this opportunity to enhance their careers and achieve their professional goals. Whether individuals are out of work, in-work and seeking a career change, or self-employed, Skills Bootcamps provide valuable training options.

Visit the website to find out more about Skills Bootcamps.