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Georgia designs her future with our Skills Bootcamp

27 Mar 2023

We recently caught up with Georgia Goddard to find out about her experience on the Skills Bootcamp in Content Marketing and Brand Design. Skills Bootcamps are flexible courses of up to 16 weeks, giving people the opportunity to build up sector-specific skills and fast-track to a guaranteed interview with a local employer.

Despite having 5 years of experience in Marketing and Graphic Design, after being made redundant Georgia found it difficult to find a new role. Completing the Skills Bootcamp gave her the confidence and skills she needed, and she is now looking forward to starting a new role where she can use these new skills.

Why did you approach The Growth Company?

In order to make myself more employable, I had been looking for courses to bolster my CV and improve my confidence. I came across the government’s Skills for Life and Skills Bootcamps campaigns, which led me to the Growth Company’s Content Marketing and Brand Design course.

What support were you given when you enrolled with the Growth Company?

The Growth Company provides support not only for the specific subject you’re studying, but also provides employability support and guidance. Weekly one-to-ones were arranged throughout the 3-week course, with both the employability coach and the course tutor.

The employability coach provided feedback on CVs and cover letters, and suggested ways to make myself more interesting to employers. The one-to-ones with the course tutor consisted of going over the work and notes that had been completed the previous week, providing feedback and checking progress on the course.

Did you face any challenges that the Growth Company have helped you overcome?

Before joining the course, my confidence in my skills and abilities was low. After a two-month job hunt wherein my 5 years of experience didn’t seem good enough to land me a job, I was struggling to decipher where I was going wrong in how I was presenting myself to employers and had low confidence in the skills I could bring to roles.

Through the tutor’s informative teaching style, her feedback, and encouragement from the Employability coach, I realised I had much more to offer than I had come to think and found that my experience lent itself well to content marketing and brand design. I also found I really enjoyed taking part in the course, found a new passion, and was honestly quite sad when the course ended!

What impact has the course had on you?

The course helped me land a job before it had even fully concluded - a role in which I’ll be earning more than I had previously thought I could, and in which I will be applying all the skills I discovered through the course - informed by my previous experience in a similar role. I’m very excited to start!

How has the course been for you overall, and would you recommend the growth company to other people?

I’m very glad I found the Growth Company and the Digital Skills Bootcamp. I absolutely would recommend it and have done so already!

I’ve learnt many skills, but I’d say the main skill I’ve developed is the ability to present myself and my ideas to employers and clients, with confidence I didn’t have before. I developed skills in Canva, which I then implemented in interviews, and have developed confidence and skills in Brand Design, content marketing (blogging, video, social media), SEO, and an abundance of knowledge of the types of content marketing, best practices, and much more.

I have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the course and found I was quite sad when it was over! I’d like to thank my tutors for their guidance, feedback, and encouragement, and the Growth Company as a whole for the incredible opportunity. I will absolutely be gushing about these courses to anyone who will listen!

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