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GC Education and Skills

Kick-start your future or business and achieve your goals with our range of apprenticeships, traineeships, courses, higher education degrees and adult courses.
Fully Funded Short Courses
If you are employed and work or live within Greater Manchester, we can help you upskill and invest in your future with one of our fully funded short courses!
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How we can help you

Are you a learner?

Launch your career with GC Education & Skills. We have supported young individuals as well as adults seeking to enhance their skill sets and realise their full potential. We provide a vast array of opportunities, including apprenticeships, traineeships, short and flexible courses, skills bootcamps and higher education degrees, supporting you at every stage of your professional journey. This is your future.

Are you an employer?

We recognise the importance of a skilled and efficient workforce for any business to thrive. We strive to work hand-in-hand with employers to gain a thorough understanding of your business needs and identify areas for staff development. Whether it's through apprenticeships to bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the company or flexible courses to upskill your colleagues, get ready to future proof your workforce today.
Future Proof Your Business
We understand business, and the value of a happy, productive workforce. We will work collaboratively with you to really understand your business, and establish your staff development requirements and gaps. Whether it is apprenticeships, traineeships or courses, we can provide the relevant tailored solutions for you.
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Skills Bootcamps
Skills Bootcamps – part of the Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee and Plan for Jobs are flexible courses of up to 16 weeks, giving people the opportunity to build up sector-specific skills and fast-track to an interview with a local employer.
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What we offer
If you're looking for an alternative to college or university, where you can earn and learn your way into a job that suits your passion, we can help. For information on how we can help, email


We have a wide-range of apprenticeships on offer - from engineering and manufacturing to technology and digital. Get ready to gain experience and skills whilst developing your network. Advance your career and gain a qualification.

Courses and Study Programmes

If you're not quite ready for an apprenticeship, a pre-apprenticeship is the ideal stepping stone. It'll get you up-to-speed on the skills employers want to see and give you an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the area you want to work in. We also offer a range of support services every step of the way.

Higher Education

Our courses are delivered part-time and are the perfect option for people who want to balance work and home life with studying.

Adult courses

We offer a range of flexible and full/part-time courses for adults looking to learn a trade, secure a job or work towards a professional qualification.

Unity Radio

The Growth Company has recently announced a partnership with Unity Radio’s New Talent Academy to deliver real life learning and help put theory into practice. Listen to our past recordings here!

For Business

If you are looking to develop your team or organisation's capability, we offer various learning and development solutions to meet your needs.
Green Technology Courses
We have a range of exciting, upcoming courses specialising in emerging green technologies. From Solar Photovoltaic to Wind Turbine technology, support a greener way to develop careers. #EducateToInnovate
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Pre-Apprenticeship Study Programmes

What is a Study Programme? Watch our video to find out about Study Programmes – what’s involved, who they are for and much more.

Digital & Technology - The Future is Here!
Our exciting and innovative technology and digital apprenticeships provides apprentices and employers with valuable sought-after digital skills. We've recently launched our exclusive Demand for Digital Skills Insight Report with insight into future trends in the digital world.
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