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Meena's Journey to Gaining Leadership Essentials

03 Apr 2023

Meena Ranjah, Lead Employment Coach at the Growth Company, recently completed the Leadership Essentials for All course. The fully funded course gives learners valuable insight into a variety of people management workshops to develop the key knowledge and skills of the Staff Management profession.

Before enrolling on the course Meena had been out of education for 14 years, but the support of her tutors and their expertise gave her the confidence to succeed. We caught up with Meena to find out more about her experience.

Why did you approach The Growth Company?

As I currently am an employee of the Growth Company, I have been looking to upskill and gain a qualification that matches my CPD and career plan. This course fit perfectly around my full-time job as they have flexible times available and tutor support at hand if you require it.

What impact has the course had on you?

Starting the course in November 2022 was the best time to start, it has provided me with an in-depth insight into management and leadership. Completing the course has provided me with the motivation to succeed in my carers and move into management.

Understanding and having a clearer definition between leadership and management has helped me with mid-senior level interviews and I have started to gain exceptional feedback regarding my management and leadership skills and how strong they are. I also gained an understanding of mental health and different health conditions, and how I can support and motivate others have also learned more about organisation strategies and cultures, how this is managed and how culture can help an organisation to succeed when they create a positive working environment.

What support were you given when you enrolled with the Growth Company?

My tutors were excellent, they balanced everyone’s varying levels of work backgrounds and leadership experience well throughout the course. They also consistently provided valuable insight on examples and studies that were all accessible on learning platform.

Did you face any challenges that the Growth Company have helped you overcome?

Having dyslexia can be frustrating and can have an impact on my confidence when it comes to studying. I made my tutor aware of my condition and extra support sessions were implemented and tutor support was offered at any time if I needed it.

What was your favourite unit?

My favourite was the Mental Health unit. I was really excited to do this unit due to mental health issues being on the rise. I explored resilience, stress and stress management, anxiety disorders, phobias and eating disorders. For me, competing this unit was very close to my heart and a thoroughly enjoyed the discussions we had during the lessons.

How has the course been for you overall, and would you recommend the growth company to other people?

Before enrolling onto the course, I hadn’t studied for 14 years. I was apprehensive and a little nervous at the start, but this changed very quicky as both of my tutors were very approachable and very supportive. Upon completing the PUPS course, I am more confident than ever with taking the next step in my career and a big part of the confidence boost is down to the amazing tutors, I cannot thank them enough.

I would 100% recommend this course its flexible and free if you live in Greater Manchester. Anyone who is looking to progress in their career into leadership and management I cannot stress enough how much you will enjoy this course and the insights you gain are priceless.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your career with a management qualification, visit the Leadership Essentials for All to find out more.