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Essential Digital Skills for Adults – at no cost

20 May 2021

The Growth Company Education and Skills are delighted to now be delivering the BCS Digital Skills Level 1 as part of their adult education offer.

The Level 1 in Essential Digital Skills is available for all adults in England and has been designed for those that have little digital experience.

The qualification will cover all five skills areas set out in the national standards, which are:

  • Using devices and handling information
  • Creating and editing
  • Communicating
  • Transactions
  • Being safe and responsible online

As well as supporting you in the workplace and whilst seeking work, digital skills are important for everyday life and communication, for example:

  • setting up a group on messaging platforms, such as WhatsApp or Messenger, to talk to friends or family members
  • sending photographs and other documents to friends and family as an email attachment
  • setting up and using video-telephony products such as Facetime or Skype for video communications with friends and family
  • being a member of and manage personal networking sites, such as Facebook
  • posting appropriately on social media, visit and post to forums such as Mumsnet

Key findings from the UK Consumer Digital Index 2020 show that an estimated 9 million (16%) people are unable to use the Internet and their device by themselves and 2.7 million (5%) people can access the internet but lack the ability to use it to its full advantage; in total, an estimated 11.7 million (22%) people in the UK are without the skills needed for everyday life.*

Findings also show that the UK workforce is still digitally underpowered – support with confidence and capability could unlock productivity for UK Industry.

An estimated 17.1 million (52%) people in the workforce lack digital skills in the workplace; both they and their companies are missing out as a result. In the past twelve months, 100,000 more people have improved their digital skills at work, but c. 1.8 million people (5%) are still at the starting blocks with just the foundations of getting online.*

The good news for employers and individuals is that this course is FREE to anyone aged 19+ who has not previously achieved a digital qualification - apply here.

If you would like further information about how we can support your business to upskill its workforce please contact Jen Leggat by email.

If you know someone who is wanting to improve their digital skills for personal use or to improve career prospects, please ask them to contact our Recruitment Team on 0161 233 2656.

*Information regarding the UK Consumer Digital Index 2020 Key Finding sourced here.