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When to apply for a school leaver apprenticeship

24 Jan 2018
For year 11s in their final year of high school, knowing when to apply to a college or sixth form to do A-Levels is generally understood by everyone - school leavers, parents and careers advisers... but when is the best time to apply for an apprenticeship?

Many training providers and employers themselves don’t start their intake for September until the summer time. A training provider is an organisation which advertise vacancies for many different businesses to get young people into a job. If you apply for a vacancy while you’re still in school or college, you may find that they'll tell you to reapply in June/July as they can’t progress your application at that time.

For many young people, this leaves them a little uncertain. How are you supposed to know what jobs will be available in 12 or 6 months’ time? And what if you don’t get any of the apprenticeships you apply for and are left without any options? This can put young people off apprenticeships and make them go with what seems like the safer option, applying for college.

Some training providers and employers, such as AXA Insurance, the PP Group and ourselves, want students in year 11 to apply as early in the academic year as possible. This is so they can work with you throughout your final year to give you industry tasters, find out what you’re looking for, prepare your CV and ensure you’ve passed any necessary assessment tests. In many cases, like college, you can be given a guaranteed offer or one that is conditional on you achieving certain GCSE grades. This gives you the peace of mind that you will have something definite to go on to when you finish school.

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