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The Growth Company and the Association of Apprentices co-organised the first ever Apprentice Meet Up event in the North-West

30 Sep 2022

In partnership with the Association of Apprentices (AoA) and Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), the Growth Company Education & Skills has hosted the first ever exclusive networking event for apprentices across the UK in the North-West, the Apprentice Meet Up: Manchester on 27th September 2022. The event was held in Lee House, the home of the Growth Company in Manchester. Over a hundred current and past apprentices from the North of England joined the event, shared their experiences and supported the expanding network of apprentices in the UK.

Jon-Paul Rimington, the Managing Director of the Growth Company Education and Skills, delivered the opening remark for the event, followed by the speech of Mr David Barker, Chief Technology Officer of the Association of Apprentices, on the importance of connections and community in the progression of skill and career. Mr Andy Burnham, the Mayor of Greater Manchester, also provided a video presentation showcasing the importance of networking. Emily Colbridge, Projects Leader of Common Purpose, Kerris Boulton, WorldSkills Apprentice Champion and Emma Nolan, Chair of AoA Apprentice Council, shared their insight and experience with those apprentices who joined the event. While enjoying a lovely evening with good music, all participants took the opportunity to meet with new friends, make connections and share their experiences.

The Growth Company Education & Skills is one of the largest providers of work-based learning for young people and adults. We have supported thousands of young people who want to kick-start their careers and adults who wish to raise their skill level throughout their working life and achieve their full potential. We are delighted to work with the Association of Apprentices, an organisation created to connect apprentices across the UK as they progress throughout their apprenticeship and beyond. Led by apprentices, the association provided the social and broader elements often missing from apprenticeship programmes, with access to advice and guidance which supports lifelong career development and a lifetime of professional networks, which is essential for a successful apprenticeship programme.

“Peer-to-peer support and learning are critical in driving successful outcomes for an apprenticeship programme,” said Jon-Paul Rimington. “We are so excited to partner with the AoA community and the GMCA to organise today’s event as it is the first ever networking event for the community of apprentices in the North-West. We hope this great evening can help those participants to kick-start their career journey through networking and experience sharing.”

“As an apprentice-led community, the Association of Apprentices know the importance of networking opportunities for a flourishing apprenticeship programme,” said David Barker. “Today’s event provided a platform for the apprentice community in the North-West to meet up and connect, allow experience sharing and relationship building. We sincerely hope this first ever apprentice meet up event in Manchester will be the start of a series of similar events in the future.”

“It is a good opportunity to meet with fellow apprentices and also a great networking occasion,” said Callum Rooney, one of the participating apprentices from Liverpool. “The event provided a platform for us to meet with various people from diverse backgrounds and professions, allowing a meaningful sharing of experience and helping one to expand their network, which will be valuable in career development in the future.”

For more information on our offering on the apprenticeship programme, please go to GC Education and Skills.

For more information on the Association of Apprentices, please go to Association of Apprentices.