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Tameside students help to transform school garden

20 Sep 2018
During the holidays, summer programme students from the Tameside training centre worked on a community project at St. James Primary School in Ashton.

The school needed improvements to their award-winning garden, and our learners were keen to get stuck in and give the garden a new lease of life.

Our students gained valuable skills and knowledge as they got involved with a wide range of tasks – including measuring and planning, mixing cement, groundwork and paving.

Despite a few finishing touches which still need to be done, the project has been very successful – and the paths the students have built around the garden have made transformed it into an accessible space for disabled pupils.

Tom, one of the students who worked on the project, said: “We learnt how to do different things that we would be doing if we were at work, not just in the classroom. We were preparing and building a sub-base. We also got to mix the mortar, as well as digging, levelling, measuring and flagging. It looks really good and I’m glad I helped out with it.”

Another student, Josh, added: “I felt better in myself working on the project and knowing we were helping the kids”.

Jill Hudson, manager of the training centre, is proud of what the students have achieved. She said: “The school is delighted with the progress and they have asked us to take on other projects around the school grounds. Our students have worked really hard and those who have excelled have even been given a bonus as a reward for all their effort!”

Well done to all involved!

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