Recruiting an apprentice: An employer’s guide

28 Feb 2019
Recruiting new staff can be a challenge for any organisation, and it can be particularly difficult when it’s a young people that you’re dealing with.

Here at the Growth Company, we understand the benefits that an apprentice can bring to your business, and that’s why we’re so committed to making the recruitment process as simple and as stress-free as possible. In this guide, we’ll talk you through our recruitment process and show you just how easy it is to get an apprentice who’s perfectly suited to your company.

Sourcing high-quality talent

We offer a free candidate generation service, which ensures that you can choose your new apprentice from the very best talent pool available. We make it our mission to find the person with the right attitude, experience and qualifications who can really have a positive impact on your business.

So how do we do it? We use a variety of methods and channels to reach a wide range of prospective apprentices, such as:

Advertising vacancies: All of our vacancies are listed on our website, and National Apprenticeship Service website and up to 10 other job boards.

Offline marketing: As well as using online channels, we promote vacancies within the community, and directly into homes and businesses.

School and community engagement: Our dedicated team of School and Community Engagement Advisors have established links with over 200 high schools, colleges, sixth forms, job centres and community groups.

Work preparation programmes: We have access to a pipeline of learners who have completed, or are set to complete, our work preparation programmes and who will be looking for work in specific sectors. Our work preparation programmes are designed to give learners the skills and experience they need to successfully start an apprenticeship.

An established recruitment process: We’re proud to offer a tried and tested recruitment process which includes quick turnarounds and face-to-face interviews with all applicants within Greater Manchester - or telephone interviews for those who live further afield.

What makes our recruitment process different?

The aim of our recruitment process is to provide an excellent pre-screening service for employers – so you spend less time on shortlisting and trying to contact applicants who aren’t genuinely interested in the vacancy.

Our process means that you may receive less candidates than you would from some other providers who simply send over anyone who applies, as there will be applicants who don’t respond to our communications, aren’t genuinely interested in the vacancy or don’t pass our assessment process. However, this will increase the quality of the candidates that you are sent, both in terms of their commitment to the role and their English and maths ability.

Bespoke requirements

Earlier, we mentioned our work preparation programmes which act as a stepping-stone onto an apprenticeship for individuals who are lacking specific skills or experience.

However, if you have vacancies that are proving difficult to fill - or if you have bulk recruitment requirements - we can design and deliver bespoke, short, level 1 courses to prepare suitable candidates.

We have a range of training facilities throughout Greater Manchester - including a state-of-the-art SkillCentre in Trafford Park and eight local training centres.

Getting an individual ready for an apprenticeship isn’t just about industry-specific skills and qualifications. School and college leavers, or those who have been unemployed long-term, often need guidance and development around confidence, communication skills and how to act professionally in a work environment. These issues are covered in all of our work preparation programmes.

Over to you

Would you like help recruiting an apprentice? Maybe you’re not sure if an apprentice is right for your business? Whatever your questions or concerns, get in touch with our team who are on-hand to advise you and help you find the very best young talent for your business.