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Proud to Be an Academic Centre for the Top Modern University in the UK

29 Sep 2023

Today, the Growth Company is celebrating its role in elevating the University of Bolton to 30th position in the 2024 UK University Rankings. This marks a historic milestone, as it positions the university as the highest-ranking modern university in the UK, a remarkable achievement it has achieved for the first time in its academic history.

Becoming a top-ranking modern university in the UK is not just a title; it's a recognition of excellence across various aspects of higher education. The University of Bolton has consistently demonstrated its commitment to providing high-quality education, fostering research, and creating an inclusive and supportive learning environment.

As an academic centre affiliated with the University of Bolton, we share in the joy and pride of this historic achievement. Our commitment to excellence in education aligns perfectly with the university's vision, and we are dedicated to contributing to its continued success.

Our Growth Company students have actively participated in surveys and provided valuable feedback, and as Rosemarie Davies, Higher Education Manager rightly points out, "it is brilliant for the excellence of our teaching and learning to be fully recognised in the national league table of top universities."

This recognition further underscores the commitment of both the Growth Company and the University of Bolton to ensuring that students not only receive an excellent education but also have a positive and transformative experience during their academic journey.

The Growth Company has been delivering education and training for over 30 years. From entry-level courses to postgraduate, we have been unwavering in our commitment to providing accessible and high-quality education for learners at every stage of their academic journey.

Looking ahead, we are excited to continue our collaboration with the University of Bolton, as together, we strive to provide even more opportunities for individuals to access high-quality education and training. With a shared commitment to excellence and a passion for empowering learners, we are confident that the future holds even greater accomplishments and milestones for both our institutions.

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