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Georgina's Access to Higher Education Journey

21 Sep 2022

Georgina Bell enrolled with the Growth Company, Education and Skills on an Access to Higher Education course in Psychology and Counselling, and since completing the course on the 14th June, she has been offered a place to study at Salford University continuing to study Psychology and Counselling. We spoke to Georgia to find out more about her experience and how it has made a positive impact on her career journey…

What made you choose the Growth Company to complete your apprenticeship with?

I knew exactly what my dream job was, but I was unsure how to get myself there. I first spoke to the National Careers Service and then I explored different options on how I could achieve this role. After extensive searching online for places supplying the course, I came across the Growth Company. They had the ideal course, situated in the city centre, only a 15-minute train journey away offering suitable hours that fit around my family life - this meant I was able to take my daughter to school, catch the train and then be back in time to collect her for home time.

What was the learning process like?

Getting back into education after such a long time was very strange, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was ecstatic once meeting my tutor as she just made the process so easy and enjoyable. Some of the other students and I genuinely looked forward to coming in just to speak to her. She was always so full of energy and shared genuine enthusiasm for the subjects she was teaching. Although the course was so demanding at times it did feel almost easy because of my genuine interest and passion for the subjects we were studying and the way in which they were taught. It was the best thing I have ever done and I’m incredibly proud and grateful I have completed the course, but I could not have done it without the support of Claire.

What impact has the adult learning course had?

Completing this course has given be the confidence to believe in myself and my capabilities and has offered me with the opportunity to attend University and study the subject I am passionate about at an undergraduate level.

How did you feel as an adult learner returning to study?

I felt nervous returning to education after so long and I was not sure that I would be able to achieve so much. I never dreamed I would come out with a distinction and have my first choice of university.

What support do you receive from the Growth Company?

My tutor was fantastic, and I felt so supported by her and I could go to her with anything. She made me feel very comfortable and was always happy to help me with anything I needed support with.

How has the apprenticeship helped your wellbeing?

It has offered me greater aspirations and opportunities in life and has given me self-confidence which is invaluable.

What has the outcome of your apprenticeship been?

As a result of studying at the Growth Company, I have been offered a place to study at my first choice and the opportunity to get a degree and go on to work my dream job. None of this would have been possible without the Growth Company and especially Claire.

Have you faced any challenges that the Growth Company have helped you overcome?

The Growth Company has helped my overcome doubting my capabilities and has proven it is never too late to follow your dreams and become the best version of yourself.

Do you feel like you have learnt more being on an apprenticeship?

I have learned so much during my short time with the Growth Company When I initially started, I had no idea how to complete an academic essay or reference my work. The quality of my work as progressed so much and with that has my belief in myself.

Would you recommend GC Apprenticeships to anyone?

I would absolutely recommend the Growth Company for higher education courses and degrees. Situated on Oxford Road it is very easily accessible and there are so many means of transportation to get there. The hours suit anyone and can easily be incorporated around work, family and social life. The Growth Company also offers you the opportunity to be in the city centre that is just overflowing with culture and is full of amazing restaurants and bars.

We are very proud of Georgina and the progress she has made – Well done!

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