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Generous donation drives learner success

18 Jul 2023

The Growth Company’s Greater Manchester SkillCentre has received a generous donation of five cars from Recycling Lives as part of a new collaberation.

The cars would normally have been sent to the scrapyard but will now be repurposed for learners to use during their studies.

The new collaboration means Recycling Lives will continue to donate when needed, providing learners with access to much needed equipment and preventing more cars from going to the scrapyard.

Cheryl Grimshaw, Delivery Manager – Automotive at the Growth Company Education and Skills, said: “The Greater Manchester SkillCentre delivers a variety of automotive trades and aims to develop the learners’ understanding of the Motor Vehicle Industry through pre-apprentice study programmes and full apprenticeships.

“We are incredibly grateful to Recycling Lives for their kind donation to our Greater Manchester SkillCentre. Working with Recycling Lives ensures we are able to provide our learners with a wide variety of up-to-date training vehicles which will greatly enhance their learning and propel them in their careers.”

Saving these cars from the scrapyard supports our green ambitions and the Growth Company’s pledge to be net zero by 2035.

Andrew Wright, Social Value Manager at Recycling Lives, said: “Recycling Lives as an Organisation are thoroughly delighted to work with the Growth Company’s Greater Manchester SkillsCentre, to help support and enable young people achieve their goals in Motor Vehicle Engineering.

“I found Cheryl and her team’s dedicated approach to working with Young People absolutely inspirational. We look forward to a long and prosperous working relationship with the SkillCentre for many years to come.”

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