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GC Stories: Serena Samuels

21 Jan 2019
Serena applied to study the access to healthcare course to improve her professional conduct at work – she also wanted to go to university in the future to open up better career opportunities.

The course not only made Serena more focused, but it improved her confidence and self-esteem. She made new friends and gained all the tools she needed to further her education thanks to the help and support of her tutors.

The access course inspired Serena to further her education and apply for the FDA Health Care Studies course. This improved her passion for health care delivery and help her to develop her professionalism.

Serena’s favourite part of the foundation degree was reflecting on how the theory and skills in every module she learnt could be put into practice in real life. She enjoyed the many debates in the classroom, and will miss the safe space she had for many years to share and listen to opinions and experiences; a space The Growth Company provided very well regardless of the sensitive subjects around modern-day health care.

Speaking of her plans for the future, Serena said: “I am very excited to have graduated and I am looking forward to completing my top-up degree in Human Communication Science at the University of Portsmouth - an opportunity I wouldn’t have been able to pursue without the support and help from everyone at The Growth Company Education and Skills, and the University of Bolton.

For anyone considering a health care studies course with The Growth Company I would advise to make the most out of the classroom and to utilise all the help that is on offer.”

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