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GC Stories: Louise Simpson

10 Jan 2019
Here at the Growth Company, we’re always proud of the amazing things that our apprentices go on to achieve – and we’re thrilled to announce that one of them has just won the Liverpool University Apprentice of the Year Award.

Louise Simpson, who was on our Level 2 Diploma in ICT Professional Competence and has progressed onto Level 3 Diploma in Infrastructure Technician, won the accolade for all her hard work and amazing efforts over the past 12 months. She constantly impressed her tutor, and is proof that females can thrive in a male-dominated profession.

She joined the Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease as the only female IT infrastructure apprentice in October 2017, and since then has shown a mature and responsible attitude. She’s been enthusiastic from day one, turning her hand to a wide range of tasks.

Louise also provided vital technical support to the institute for science days, away days, seminars, forums and outreach - ensuring events were always well-organised and successful.

Her tutor, Gordon Tomlinson, spoke highly of Louise’s achievements and professional attitude. He said: “Louise made an outstanding contribution to the recent One Professional Services Conference by speaking at one of the workshops. She showed willingness and bravery to share her experience of the challenges and benefits of an apprenticeship. She is a dedicated, proactive, supportive individual, and is highly valued by her colleagues.”

Louise had never worked in an office environment before and wasn’t sure what to expect when she started the role. However, she has loved every minute of her apprenticeship.

Speaking of her experience, Louise said: “In the 8 months that I have worked here for so far, I can safely say that deciding to do this apprenticeship is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have been so much happier since working here. I have my weekends back and I actually have time to rest! I was in a very low place before starting here, and being back in a routine and gaining real life experience has really helped me open my eyes in terms of what I want to do career wise and what path I need to take in order to get there.”

She added: “Working at the University has helped me grow massively as a person. I feel more confident and more like who I was before I got run down by college and a part-time job. Put it this way, 8 months ago I wouldn’t have had the courage to stand and speak to an audience, and now I do. I have met some amazing people along my journey and will continue to do so. My advice to anyone who is considering getting an apprenticeship would be this: do it!”

Congratulations Louise! It’s fantastic to hear about your success and we wish you all the best for the future.

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