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GC Stories: Jordan Hollis

04 Jul 2018
Jordan joined GC Education & Skills in December 2017, when she enrolled for GCSE maths and English, employability and work experience.

She expressed a keen interest in retail, and specifically requested a placement at Boots. The manager of Boots at Ravenhead Retail Park was approached, and he offered Jordan a placement.

Throughout Jordan’s time at Boots, she received fantastic feedback from her manager, Gerrard Connolly – who described her as ‘pleasant, a great team player and punctual’.

Speaking of Jordan’s professionalism, Gerrard said: “Jordan completed every task thoroughly and with a smile. She was very helpful and sociable with customers and went the extra mile with all.”

Recently, Jordan informed her placement consultant that whilst she really enjoyed working at Boots, retail itself was no longer the career path she wished to follow. She decided to leave Boots and re-evaluate her career choice.

She has since expressed an interest in dog grooming, and we’re currently exploring options for Jordan to gain work experience at a dog grooming parlour near to her home.

Academically, Jordan is progressing well and is nearing completion of employability. Both of her GCSE tutors in maths and English have said that she is a ‘little star’, and we’re proud to say that Jordan was presented with the Student of the Month award for employability back in March.

Despite being uncertain over her next steps, Jordan is loving her experience with GC Education & Skills. She said: “I really enjoy attending the training centre and I’m thrilled with all the positive feedback I’ve been given. I firmly believe that the support, encouragement and time I receive from the full team is the reason behind my success.”

We have no doubts that Jordan will continue to achieve, and we look forward to supporting her further with her career – whether that be in dog grooming or something else.

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