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GC Stories: Charlotte Vernon

20 Aug 2018
Before she started her apprenticeship at The Growth Company, Charlotte Vernon gained excellent GCSE results in 2011 – and was one of the top three achievers in her year group.

She had planned to continue onwards to Sixth Form, but she was unsure where this would then take her in her career. It was at this point that she noticed that her school was advertising for an apprentice.

She applied for this role and was successfully appointed to start soon after through The Growth Company. After her apprenticeship, she applied for and secured a full-time permanent position at the school as a business support administrator - with responsibilities for marketing, parental communication and events. As part of her career progression, she then decided to apply to complete a part-time foundation degree in business management with The Growth Company.

Charlotte said about her experience: “I thoroughly enjoyed studying with The Growth Company Education and Skills, and received excellent results. I found the lecture staff to be extremely helpful and supportive towards my career progression; they were very understanding, approachable and motivating.” She was encouraged to move on from a foundation degree to top-up to a BA hons degree in business management. In this course, she was provided with further business knowledge and best practices, and learned more about her chosen field.

Charlotte has progressed since finishing the course, she said: “I graduated with First Class Honours, and I loved being able to work full-time whilst studying part-time. Since graduating, I’ve applied for a promotional position at the school as data and assessment manager, to which I was successfully appointed.”

She plans to move onwards in her career with the help of gaining a degree part-time, Charlotte said:

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time studying with the Growth Company - the experience has been second-to-none. I met some lovely people whilst on my course, we all got along very well and supported each other throughout the process. I hope from the qualifications I have gained alongside my work to continue a successful career.”

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