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Ellyn's management journey

07 Oct 2022

Ellyn Payton studied a Level 3 – Step into Management, Principles of Leadership and Management course through GC Education and Skills, in the hope to upskill herself in leadership and management. Ellyn tells us how the course has helped her, as well as the support and guidance she has received…

Could you tell us your work background?

I work in Neurophysiology, which is diagnostics for the NHS. I am the manager of departmental service and have no formal management or leadership training.

Why did you approach the Growth Company?

My manager recommended the course, and it appeared to be the type of course that could really help me get started on my leadership and management journey.

What support & resources did you receive whilst on the course?

You have access to CMI and 'its learning', which are both portals to additional learning resources. Each week, there were lectures that outlined the questions that needed to be answered in our assessment booklets. There is a self-study and assessment writing, however, it is very informative and interesting overall.

Have you faced any challenges that the Growth Company have helped you overcome?

Even though I had an idea of the "right and wrong" way to lead, the sessions with Holly at the Growth Company helped me realise that my instincts were correct, but that there are many ways to lead, and that different people react differently to being managed in certain ways.

How has this course had an impact on you, and would you recommend the Growth Company to others?

The course has made me more confident in my abilities to lead, and Holly at the Growth Company has been very friendly and approachable. She guides and encourages each learner. I would recommend the Growth Company, especially the Leadership and Management course to others like myself who are interested in leading and progressing their career and skillset.

Well done, Ellyn!

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