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Celebrating First Class Success

27 May 2020

We are proud to announce the high grades achieved by our BA (Hons) Business Management students! All our students have done so well, and we are delighted to recognise particularly high achievements including three First Class Honours degrees.

Graduation is the highlight of the universities calendar but sadly, due to the current COVID-19 situation the July graduation ceremonies have been postponed. However, we are looking forward to celebrating at their graduation in November this year where the ceremonies will take place at the stunning Trentham Gardens.

The degree is designed to help learners to become good decision-makers, problem-solvers, communicators and team-players – all skills which are essential for successful business management and leadership.

This is our fifth cohort of graduates with Staffordshire University and we are delighted that the course has already made a huge difference to the lives and career prospects of our students.

Chris Chambers graduated with First Class Honours in 2018, Chris had been out of the education for more than 20 years and we couldn’t have been happier with his results.

Chris said: “I found the learning environment and course format perfect for my needs. The tutorage from ‘real-world’ business leaders means my degree is relevant and delivered in authentic business settings, and as such can immediately be put into practice. Returning to the classroom after many years, the course has allowed me to develop new learning techniques. I have now re-ignited my thirst for personal development. Having secured a promotion as a direct result of the degree programme, I’m looking forward to taking my personal and professional development further with a master's degree in the near future.”

Chris isn’t the only graduate who has furthered his career thanks to his degree. Wallis Siketi has also secured three promotions – two of which being managerial positions – as a result of the skills and knowledge she’s gained from the course.

Speaking of her journey, Wallis said: “I didn't go further with education when I left college as I felt I needed a break from the classroom. I am glad I came back older and more mature as even though it was hard, I have had an amazing three years and met some amazing people. I have learnt so much and have been able to put my new skills and knowledge to practice, leading to me getting three promotions with two of them being managerial roles. The tutors have given us all amazing support and help whenever needed, and they have been a personal inspiration to me! Finishing with a First Class degree proved to me that I am capable of accomplishing what I want to do and I am very excited for what the future brings!”

Fellow student Charlotte Vernon also added: “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time studying with The Growth Company! Lecturers have been supportive and motivating which has helped me gain a first class honours degree, enabling progression within my career.”

We wish the Class of 2020 all the best while they wait patiently to celebrate together in November.

If you are interested in studying with us, you can find information on our University courses here.