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Learners in Salford Brew Up Support for Charity

10 Aug 2023

Staff and learners at the GC Education and Skills Salford Training Centre took time out of their busy summer schedule to organise an Afternoon Tea Event for Alzheimer's Research UK.

This heartwarming event not only raised awareness about Alzheimer's Research UK but showcased the compassion of the young people that attend the Centre.

Colleagues and students wanted to make a difference; armed with determination and ingredients they set to work to make the event a success. The goal was to raise funds for the society's ongoing work and to create a platform for open conversations about Alzheimer's and they certainly exceeded their goals – keep an eye on our socials to find out the total raised!

Reflecting on the success of the event, English Tutor Fanchae Rustigini said, "Alzheimer's is a challenge that affects so many lives, and we believe that we can make a difference. I am very proud of the effort that our Summer Programme put into making the event the success that it was, they helped plan everything, from picking a cosy spot to putting together a spread of delicious cakes. The centre felt inviting, making it easy for everyone to chat and enjoy the event.”

Pictured left to right: Pauline Blackshaw, Key Worker and Fanchae Rustigini, English Tutor