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5 things you’ll gain from doing an apprenticeship

09 May 2018
Picture this: you’ve got what feels like countless exams to revise for, and to add to your stress, you’ve still got no idea of what you want to do when summer is over.

With so many options to consider, the choice can feel overwhelming. Whilst going to college with all your friends is often seen as the traditional route to take after school, there are plenty of other options available if a classroom environment isn’t for you – including apprenticeships.

But what’s to gain from doing an apprenticeship instead of going to college? Well, here are just 5 things you’ll come away with:


Working with new people and seeing your hard work pay off does wonders for your confidence. Whether it’s attending meetings and putting forward your ideas, working on an important project or being given lots of responsibilities, you’ll be playing a key role on your team no matter which apprenticeship you choose.

Your line manager will be on-hand to support and guide you every step of the way, so you can unleash your full potential and really thrive in your role.

Hands-on experience

One of the downsides to uni is that you often reach the end of your degree without having any real on-the-job experience. This is something that can count against candidates at interview stage.

With an apprenticeship, you’ll be doing all the tasks your fellow employees are doing - meaning you’ll have plenty of skills and experience to add to your CV (and be able to impress future employers with your expertise).


Thought you had to go to uni to get a degree? Think again! More and more apprenticeships give you the option to study for a degree – so you can graduate without racking up huge amounts of debt!

And if you don’t fancy doing a degree, you’ll still be achieving qualifications that are equivalent to A-Levels on advanced level apprenticeships.

A defined career path

An apprenticeship is a great way to get experience in an industry that you’re interested in – making it easier to climb the career ladder over time. You’ll already have your foot-in-the door, which is just one of the advantages you’ll have over a graduate.

And if you do decide to move on to another company, your CV will stand-out amongst all the other applicants, thanks to all the skills you’ve gained throughout your apprenticeship.

New friends

Being in the workplace will not only open you up to a world of opportunities career-wise, it’ll also bring new friends into your life. Whether it’s bonding with another team over a brew or discovering the person you sit next to has a shared love of your favourite hobby, there are so many friendships to be made. And if your colleagues are a sociable bunch, there are bound to be after-work get-togethers to look forward to as well.

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