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5 things to do when you’re feeling stressed

07 Nov 2018
Today marks National Stress Awareness Day. Everyone has days where they feel stressed – it happens to everyone, whether at work or home.

To overcome any stress or anxiety that you may have, we’ve put together 5 relaxing things you can do.

1. Go on a walk and visit a National Trust place

Going outside and getting fresh air can work wonders when you have things on your mind. National Trust have hundreds of walks and days out around the UK – with popular ones in Greater Manchester like Dunham Massey in Altrincham and Lyme Park in Stockport.

2. Be active and do some exercise

One of the main things to ease stress is exercise – you could go on a run, attend a fitness class or go for a swim. Exercise is considered vital for maintaining mental fitness and reducing stress. Keeping active can also help to reduce fatigue and improve alertness, which is especially helpful if stress is affecting your energy levels and concentration.

3. Let off some steam at an inflatable theme park

Bouncing around with friends at Inflata Nation - what could be more stress-relieving than unleashing your inner child and having fun on a big inflatable? It’s situated at Trafford Park and is just under £10 for one hour.

4. Learn something new – take up a hobby

A great way to take your mind off anything that is bothering you is finding something new to do. Ever wanted to start a new pastime but never got round to it? You could learn how to play an instrument, volunteer for a charity or even pick up a book (to read or colour in!).

5. Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is all about clearing your thoughts and becoming self-aware – it’s an NHS-approved approach to help deal with anxiety, improve your sleep and sharpen your focus. There are many apps available to practice mindfulness, and the Independent have listed their 10 best mindfulness apps here.

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