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Lead Practitioner in Adult Care

This level 4 apprenticeship has been designed to support your development and skills when working in an adult care setting in order to promote and sustain a values-based working culture at an operational level.
18 months

You will gain a greater depth of knowledge and expertise in your area of practice which will enable you to lead, coach and mentor others.

As a Lead Practitioner, you will have the skills to guide and inspire team members to make a positive difference in an individual’s life when they are faced with physical, practical, social, emotional, psychological or intellectual challenges.

When does the course start?

The programme is offered throughout the year and will last for 18 months. 

What does the course cover?
  • Statutory frameworks, standards, guidance and Codes of Practice which underpin practice in relation to the safe delivery of services
  • Theories underpinning own practice and competence relevant to the job role
  • Principles of assessment and outcome-based practice
  • Principles of risk management
  • How to contribute to, promote and maintain a culture that ensures dignity is at the centre of practice
  • Legislation, national and local solutions for the safeguarding of adults and children including reporting requirements
  • Importance of effective partnerships, inter-agency, joint and integrated working
  • Value individuals to develop effective teams in order to achieve the best outcomes
  • Contribute to the development of an effective learning culture
  • Lead robust, values-based recruitment and selection processes
  • Contribute to the induction process by developing the knowledge of individuals within their role
  • Lead and support others in professional development through personal development plans, supervision, reflective practice, research, evidence-based practice and access to learning and development opportunities
What will I achieve?

On successful completion, you will achieve a level 4 qualification in leadership in adult care.

What are the entry requirements?

This is a natural progression from the Level 3 apprenticeship in Lead adult care

  • You need to be aged 18 or over, work in an adult care environment, and ideally be a senior support worker, a lead care worker, care coordinator or Shift leader
  • You must undertake the Disclosure and Barring Service process and provide the result.
  • You need to have Maths and English at level 2 – this can be achieved as part of the course
Where will I study?

Your Study Development Tutor will visit you on-site to work with you in line with your employer's needs and expectations.

How much does the course cost?

There is no cost to the apprentice, please contact us for further information.