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A guide for parents

The Growth Company is the largest provider of apprenticeships in Greater Manchester. We have a successful track record of delivering apprenticeships and work-related training stretching over 30 years.

Every year we place thousands of young people into jobs and we have over 150 vacancies at any one time. Our training is delivered in a range of centres across Greater Manchester and in St Helens.

An apprenticeship is the best way for your son or daughter to learn the specific knowledge, skills and qualifications required for a chosen occupation, alongside valuable work experience. Apprenticeships allow young people to earn and learn at their own pace, whilst training in the skills employers want and value.

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FAQs for Parents
How long does an apprenticeship take?

The length of an apprenticeship varies, depending on the existing skills of the young person, the qualification that they are working towards and the sector they are in. Most apprenticeships take between one and two years to complete, with some technical professions e.g. engineering taking longer.

What holidays does an apprentice get?

Like most other employees, apprentices who work a five day week will receive up to 28 days paid annual leave per year.

How many hours does an apprentice work?

All apprentices work a minimum of 30 hours per week.

How much is an apprentice paid?

The minimum wage for apprentices is £3.90 per hour but many employers pay far more. The sector, region, level of apprenticeship and type of employer will all contribute to the level of wage paid. Some higher apprenticeships can pay between £300 and £500 per week.

Where will an apprentice train?

Most apprentices attend some off-the-job training at one of our training centres or partner colleges. This may be day release or a block of training all together. Some apprentices will complete all of their training in the workplace.

How does an apprentice progress to a higher level qualification?

The Growth Company offers clear progression pathways to higher level qualifications in a broad range of trades and professions, including management, accounts, manufacturing, business and teaching.

How does my son/daughter find an apprenticeship?

If your son or daughter is interested in getting an apprenticeship, they can look online at our current vacancies and apply straight away or call 0161 233 2656 and apply over the phone.

When should we apply?

Apprenticeships are jobs with training and we have over 150 vacancies at any one time. Many vacancies are for immediate starts which isn’t good if your son/daughter is leaving school or college in several months’ time. We advise on registering with us in your child’s final year of school or college so we can meet them, discuss their options and see what would be the right steps for them. We have a dedicated team to offer advice and guidance to ensure your child has all the information they need to make an informed decision to start their career.

What will it cost?

The Government or your child’s future employer will pay the fees for apprenticeship training – your child won’t have to pay a penny.

What qualifications will my son or daughter achieve?

Our apprenticeships contain a nationally recognised certificate or diploma in their chosen subject area issued by awarding body City & Guilds. If your child doesn’t have good GCSEs in English, maths or IT they will also achieve functional skills qualifications when on their apprenticeship.

What is a pre-apprenticeship?

Pre-apprenticeships are study programmes and are designed to give young people the qualifications, skills and experience that employers are looking for. These programmes last from six weeks to one year and will involve a combination of course work and work experience. 81% of our pre-apprenticeship learners immediately progress to an apprenticeship or job.

Is an apprenticeship contract an employment contract?

Apprentices are employees - they have the same rights as any other member of staff and are entitled to be paid, although apprentices may be paid at a different rate while on their apprenticeship.

How do we find out if my child is eligible?

If your son or daughter is aged 16+ and not in full-time education then they are eligible for an apprenticeship. Different apprenticeships have different entry requirements dependent on the industry and level.

Will an apprenticeship affect my child benefits?

For parents to receive benefits (e.g. Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit) after their son or daughter turns 16, their child needs to stay in full-time education (sixth form, college etc.). You can’t claim child benefits for your son/daughter if they go onto an apprenticeship and any tax credits you receive will be affected by the loss of child benefit.

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